What is Merchant Navy?

The Merchant Navy is the name given to the UK’s commercial shipping industry. It is made up of shipping companies that own and manage a wide range of different types and sizes of ships. Material for building a house may have been brought by a bulk carrier, the fuel used in your vehicle was brought by a tanker and fruits in the from different countries were brought in a refrigerated container carried on a ship.

Who should you join Merchant Navy?

If you are adventurous person who likes to be outdoors and is not interested in a monotonous 9-5 then Merchant Navy is the best career option for you. Pay scale is very high .earn in dollars and fulfill your desires.

what is the Sea of Opportunity?

There are various types of ships but the main job of a ship is to transport goods or people from one place to another. Ships are responsible for transporting 96% of goods around the world and is the most important service helping to keep the wheels of the global economy moving smoothly. Shipping is a vital link in world and today it is one of the booming sectors of the industry. If you join the merchant navy you could choose to be a navigating officer (also known as a deck officer) or an engineering officer.
Do we need IIT rank to qualify, what is the difference in qualifying through IIT ranking and direct joining ?
The entrance exam for Merchant navy is conducted by the Indian Maritime University and the exam is called CET – common entrance test which is a test one can take to join any shipping related stream – deck, engine, Naval architecture. This exam is conducted in December and June of each year at around 15 centres all over India. The eligibility criteria for attempting the IMU – CET is as given in Q6.
IIT-JEE exam ranking is used for joining in a 3-year BSc Nautical Science degree course at a Government institute. These institutes are few and seats limited.
How you can fulfil the elligibility criteria for joining and what is the process of joining Merchant Navy?
Joining Merchant Navy as a deck cadet can be done in the following ways:
Method 1:
1. Apply from greatway shipping services for the post of Deck Cadet or Trainee Engineer.
2. The company will invite the applicant for a selection test provided the applicant fulfils all the qualification criteria set by DG Shipping and the Company as mentioned above.
3. Applicant undergoes company selection test which includes a written test, a Psychometric evaluation, Interview and Medical Test.
4. If applicant is successful in clearing the selection test then he is told to appear the IMU entrance test
5. On successful passing of the IMU entrance test the applicant is advised to undergo a 1 year pre-sea course at an institute of the company’s choice.
Method 2:
1. Applicant appears for IMU entrance test.
2. Applicant passes the IMU entrance test.
3. Applicant is counselled and he is allocated a Pre-Sea College anywhere in India.
4. Applicant waits for companies to conduct campus recruitment or applies to companies on completion of the course
What do you mean by a sponsored candidate?
sponsored candidate mean get a sponsorship letter from any shipping company before start the pre sea training .A candidate who has met all the qualifying criteria; will be sponsored for a sea berth by any DG APPROVED SHIPPING COMPANY.
Candidates who are in the course of the selection process will declare themselves as a non-sponsored candidate in the Form A of the IMU entrance exam. These candidates can later declare themselves as a sponsored candidate if they are selected by greatway shipping services pvt.ltd.
What is Pre-Sea Training?

PRE SEA TRAINING IS A PART AND PARCEL FOR JOIN THE MERCHANT NAVY .As per stipulations from D.G. Shipping every candidate desirous of joining as an officer or an engineer on ships has to undergo one year of pre-sea training ashore. Pre-sea training can be undertaken in any one of the approved pre-sea training institute across India.
Is there any education loan’s available?
Yes, once you have been selected by us we can arrange for banks to give you education loans at existing rates, you could also approach a bank individually to obtain educational loans at favourable interest rates.
What qualification will I have on completing this course?

On completion of training the candidate is awarded a BSc in Nautical Science from affiliated university and also 2nd Mates Certificate of Competency from the Govt. of India, ministry of Shipping which qualifies him to sail as an officer on board ships.
What are the duties of a deck officer on board the ship?

The following are some of the duties and responsibilities of deck officers on board the ship:-
• Navigate the ship from the bridge in watches (shifts) while at sea
• Ensure safety regulations are observed
• Co-ordinate cargo loading and discharge operations
• Supervise the maintenance and upkeep of the ship
• Co-ordinate and supervise the activities of the crew
• Follow instructions from the captain with regards to ship operations
• Maintain accurate and up-to-date records of all activities
How to apply for joining as a deck cadet?

Please send your CV greatwaymerchantnavy@gmail.com or log on to our web site www.sevenseasshippingservices.com to apply online. The Application form can be found in the section “entrance exam “. Please t. You may also download the application form, from the bottom of the same page.
How do I apply?

You can apply direct to the shipping companies, who sponsor Trainee Officers for the duration of the training course. For a list of shipping companies to apply to go our web site www.sevenseasshippingservices.com page. You can apply at any point throughout the year and there are usually two intakes a year, usually between August and January.
How long is the training?

The duration of your training depends on your chosen discipline and the course you are doing (i.e degree or HNC/HND. Deck Officer will take between 3 and 3½ years to complete training; Engineer and Electro Technical Officer trainees will take about 3 years to complete.