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If you are looking for a fantastic carrier opportunity full of adventure and offering lucrative salary, then you have to join Merchant Navy by getting prescribed training from the recognized college/institutes.The experience to being the part of Merchant Navy College is marvelous.

During the first phase at college all the cadets lived in halls of residence and this helped them to really bond as a group. Although the cadets have a lot of work while at the college, they also have plenty of opportunities to get out and enjoy themselves. They had to do short courses which are the things like sea survival and fire fighting. They were completely different from what we think we had done in the past and it is also great to get out of the classroom and do something really hands on. Although you hope to never have to use the skills for real, it is a great experience to learn how to use all the firefighting equipment such as breathing apparatus and how to attack and fight different types of fires.

One of the things you will found different at college is that everyone around you i.e. cadets and staff will always happy to help you out. Because the staff are all ex seafarers they are very experienced with what they teach and have probably been through what you are going through themselves.

Before when every fresher joined his first ship he feels a bit nervous as he is going to be step into the unknown. Although he had been taught and prepared at college, it will still be a big thing to step into the ship for the first time. After the first week or two cadets started to settle in and get used to the new environment and after that really started to enjoy new world. During cadetship cadet have to visit different-different countries and the atmosphere on board the ships is usually really good, everyone speaks English and its really interesting to be able to see lots of different places and meet people from all over the world. As a cadet onboard you lot of different jobs onboard. Although you spend the most time on the bridge, you also do work on deck, doing everything from simple painting through to complicated tank inspections.

When you are onboard ship you will usually have your own cabin, although some cabins have bunk beds meaning cadets occasionally have to share. In addition to that, all your meals are made for you, and certainly on the ships the food will be excellent. While you are onboard communications with home can be a big thing for some people. All the ships usually have satellite phones that you can buy phone cards for. In addition to this we have started to get internet on the ships now, although this isn’t the broadband you might get at home, it is certainly good enough to do your emails and keep up to date on facebook.

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